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Our honorable guests,

Thanks for your interest in Shenzhen Zoko.We appreciate that and hope to work with you in the near future.

Over years of efforts, we have built ourbrand and developed a national wide sales network.

During these years, we worked closely withdomestic and overseas partners, introduced latest management models, and keptimproving our ideals, innovations and production. Now I am glad to say that we’vebeen running for over 14 years so that we can walk with you side by side.

We owe thanks to our industrious staff,visionary management, and to you, our honorable clients who have beensupportive and trustful.

We will not stop pursuing excellence ofproducts and services. What we have strived and achieved in the past, will onlyencourage us to worker harder and be better. We will continue to comply withregulations, reinforce supply chains, encourage staff team and create a betterfuture for all of us.

It is a pleasure to deliver this messagerepresenting Zoko staff. It is a good place to work for and cooperate with.Shenzhen Zoko sincerely welcomes friends at home and abroad for visit,discussion and cooperation.

General Manager