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ZOKO has always been keen on providing best products and service to the society and customers, and have accumulated reputation of honesty in which our company's survival lies. Its philosophy of people-oriented and innovation is the best driven force of its development.

ZOKO believes that the modern enterprise competition in the final analysis is the competition

of enterprise culture, and an excellent corporate culture is the most powerful productivity. Zoko will maintain its excellent traditional culture since foundation, continue its pursuit of excellence as the process, and maximize values as the orientation.

The common pursuit of the ZOKO: be a person of noble character and value, and build up Zoko brand into an A-class international cooperation in security industry.  The value of the company is the foundation for the realization of personal value, value maximization is the control management programme of action, guiding light, the sole criterion for testing all the work.

Pursuit of excellency is the core of Zoko culture. We believe in and fight for a unique collection of products that are of special characteristics, values and innovations, which in return will distinguish Zoko as an outstanding vendor.

ZOKO brand positioning is: professional, quality, innovation, technology, value.

So many deeds cry out to be done, and always urgently; ten thousand years are too long, seize every minute. Let's take actions, start from the day, and start from every little thing to seize the day. Zoko encourages itself and its staff to bear responsibilities and strive for security industry as a career and long-term pursuit!