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4G era may be 8 industry will to overturn

Released in:2013-12-16 11:46      Browse:11181

In December 4, 2013, the issuance of 4G licenses. China Telecom industry formally entered into the 4G era. 3G has brought huge subversion, for example, led to the development of intelligent mobile phone, gave birth to the development of mobile Internet industry, make traditional industry with anxiety!

Then, whether 4G will bring what changes?

1, the telecommunications industry pattern will be changed.

Originally weak link, will be marginalized. Before in the move did not really 3G, China Unicom is no force to catch up, now 4G, has been ahead of the layout of mobile, Unicom is more difficult to catch up with the.

2, mobile phone manufacturers may shuffle again.

The arrival of 3G, let Nokia such mobile phone giant instant collapse. Such a story, perhaps also to perform. The Ministry web site has published the current network license of 4G mobile phone, believe that no list of mobile phone manufacturers have been very worried.

3, the cable TV may be eliminated.

The direct use of 4G signal, it can be linked to all television tv. In fact, there are now the trend, through TV boxes, household television using 20M home broadband has been able to smoothly Link Internet tv.

4, video website has good.

Video web site into network television one step closer. The era of the 3G text information "and" 4G era, estimation, video program will also be "readily obtain".

5, online education will have great development.

Because video can be "readily achieved", the future of online education will become more likely. In fact, Baidu, Ali, Tencent (BAT) three giants started layout online education.

6, the plane media will once again shock.

Conservition media must be electronic, digital, if the future is still a newspaper, then the future of newspapers, there will be sound and video. Newspaper printing is no longer necessary. As we now have been used, no longer print and print photos.

7, household appliances industry will usher in a reshuffle.

"Network monitor" may be more convenient. For example, you in the office, can smoothly through the Internet monitoring the situation at home. The future of home appliances must be intelligent, who can win you.

8, the intelligent car industry have a brilliant future.

The first step is to car networking industry, contains three levels, inter vehicle car network network and mobile internet. The second step is unmanned.