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Product name:K2000 color Patrol


TFT color screen withChinese / English display;

Tag reading: StandardEM125KHz, optional ISO 15693 / 14443A/B protocol.

IP54 Water &Dust-proof, durable for drop test of 1.2 meters.

Built-in memory:Standard 2G TF card, enough to store over 100,000pcs records.

Low power consumption; indication on low batteryor full data capacity;

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  • TFT color screen withChinese / English display;

    Tag reading: StandardEM125KHz, optional ISO 15693 / 14443A/B protocol.

    IP54 Water &Dust-proof, durable for drop test of 1.2 meters.

    Built-in memory:Standard 2G TF card, enough to store over 100,000pcs records.

    Indication on low battery or full datacapacity;

    Two-color plastic housing, elegant and compact;

    Support USB direct communication with computer,no need station;

    Safe and reliable,able to store data when power cut off, storage time up to 20 years.

    PCB design with reserved room for wirelessmodule extension to add GPRS on-line function.

    Reading distance: 3-6cm

  • RFID Contactless 125K/13.56MHz
    Storage: up to 100,000pcs records
    Response time: ≤0.1s
    Events: 20 items
    LCD: color
    Bit rate: 115200BPS
    Interface: USB
    Language: English / Simplified Chinese / Traditional Chinese
    Power consumption: ≤100mA
    Power supply: 3.6V Rechargeable Li-battery
    Standard accessories: USB cable, charger, holster

  • Housing material:Plastic

    Size: 125*40*25mm

    Weight: 80g


    1.Integrated circuit chip sealed inside the housing, water & dust proof,durable in harsh environment. Apply Swiss EM contactless RFID technology, eachtag with unique code in the world, passive and no need for power supply. Designpaten No.: ZL 2004 3 0062909.7

    Readingtimes: >350,000 times

    Lifespan: Integrated type all-in-one: > 20 years; Card type: > 10 years.

    Ambient Temperature: -40℃∽+85

    Size: Ø 8.5cm, thickness 1cm

    Weight: 50g
          2. Installation method

    First of all, please make sure the installationpoint is no lower than 1.5meters above the ground, then use impact drill tomake a hole of Ø6mm for checkpoint fixing.

    1) Make records of each checkpoint and itsrepresenting location name, which will correspond to computer software setting.

    2) Confirm your checkpoint place (no lower than1.5m above the ground), then drill two hole in the wall according tocheckpoint, finally put two rubber plugs into the holes .

    3) Open the cover, use screws to fix thecheckpoint to the wall.

    4) Put back the cover.

        3. Features  

        1) Contactless TI-ID tag,passive, with lifespan over 50 years. Apply US TI (Texas Instrument) RF module,which is the most stable RF products and applied to Vehicle Electronic Burglary-proof System in Mercedes-Benz and BMW.

        2)Reliable in harsh environment such as raining, snowing, icy or dust weather,which would be deadly harmful to Contact patrol points.

        3)Multiple options in size and appearance, all easy for installation.

        4)High sensibility of tag guarantees data reading and reduces power consumptionof reader.

    USB Communication Cable

    E3USB communication cable is with 4 brass points which connects with the bottomof E3 reader. The other end is standard USB port to communicate with computer,and it can also be used for charging from computer.

    Thecable is fully sealed to guarantee data communication, and no requirement ofpower supply, so when it is used for Reader – Computer communication, it doesn’tconsumer reader’s power. Plastic pressed, highly durable, classic molding. Highspeed for communication enables thousands of records per second.

    Li-battery and charger

    Li-battery      The Li-battery isusually not in full rank when the reader arrives at customer, so it needs torecharge before use. If battery voltage is too low, the LCD screen would say “pleasecharge”, and then please put it charging, otherwise the battery may be damageddue to excessive discharging.    Executivestandard: GBT 18287-2000

    Notice: if the guard tour reader is to be left unattended for a longtime, please take out the battery and reload it before use.

    Patrolmen ID tag

    US TI chips, with unique identification numberfor each patrolman. The tag is fully sealed in a plastic housing. Water &Dust-proof, durable in harsh environment. Apply US Texas Instrument originalcontactless TI-ID card, with universal unique ID no., passive.

    Readingtime: 350,000 times

    Lifespan:All-in-one type 20 years; Card type 10 years

    Environmenttemperature: -40℃∽+85

    Weight: 10g


    applies Oxfordfabric, auto buckles, convenient and durable, simple but nice

  • Operating temperature:-40 - +70
          Humidity: 30% -95%

          Ingress protection:IP54.

  • Railway system: Routeinspection, Railway patrol, Locomotive inspection

    Oilfield system:Periodic inspection of pipe, oil well and equipments.

    Post system: Timelimit and management of mail box.

    Telecommunication:Transmitting station, Tower inspection, Computer room inspection, Wire line,Cable, Maintenance inspection etc.

    Granary: Fire-proofinspection, Burglar-proof.

    Public securitysystem: Police patrol, City patrol, Prison patrol.

    Residentialproperties: Guard tour inspection, building patrol, hotel patrol.

    Forest: Animal / Plant protection zone, forestperiodic patrol management.

    Others: Museum, Library, Collage, Heritage conservation zone, Coal mineetc.