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The military plan

Released in:2014-01-02 19:21      Browse:11375

Field of application:


Inspection application in military logistics, military base, sentry post;


Inspection is applied to military ammunition, an important base, important facilities;

3、Applied to patrol forces telephone lines, lines of communication, radar and communication


4、Applied to the army sentry duty, guard attendance management; work process: according to the need of information will be installed on the patrol line or equipment, inspection personnel inspection at the same time to post, line, equipment, warehouse, installed in the information point with the inspection device touch, inspection device will record the code  information point and touch the information time.

This record will become the inspector will arrive the inspection basis. Communication line between inspection device and microcomputer communication equipment, the inspection device in the record transmitted to the microcomputer system inspection management software. Managers can be seen clearly by computer equipment and line inspector inspection before, and indicate the omission, delayed information, through the management software statistical inspection punctuality, delayed rate, detection times.

The application effect:


To better ensure the safety of army building: using this system, inspection personnel cannot inspection time and place to do harm, can effectively avoid the inspection personnel of the paralysis of thought, eliminate the potential safety hazard in the bud.


More scientific appraisal inspection staff job performance: the patrol management software can be statistically inspector punctuality rate, delayed, missed number and other information, to provide an objective basis for examination and inspection personnel management more scientific.


Improve the management of image: realization of the paperless office, to improve the office environment.